Beauties Preparing For Stage Show

Woman preparing for a show a nude stage show, dressing and undressing in, silent with music.

Fanny with the Cheeks of Tan

Sexy Woman demonstrates fishing technique, baiting, lots of double entendres. She strips to demonstrate how to skin and fry a fish.

How To Undress In Front of Your Husband 1940's

A super snooper peeping Tom Barry is taking photos of women in revealing situations and "Trixie" Riganza (man in drag) who isn't well versed in undressing. Ms. While Barry Barrymore is shown to have "aesthetic sense" and the ability to artistically undress like a woman should.

Spectacle Underwater

Man and Woman Dance Underwater, then Two topless women dance with him underwater, ballet like dance

Square Up Reel ca 1945

Two Women Take Turns revealing themselves in front of a stage curtain, one in coat, stripping to full nudity and posing in dramatic artistic poses, another in lingeries. Silent With Music. Then both pose each other as in fine art poses.

Stars of Burlesque

Dixie Barton,Lorraine Lee with big feather waving props,Judy Carroll

Striptease Revealed 1

Lili St Cyr. Hot short-haired blonde Stripping and bellydancing in an exotic genie or mideastern costume down to sparkly skimpy two piece garment. Then she takes it all off and gets inside a see through tub with bubbles floating in the air, gets out, and goes behind a transparent curtain. Stage setting with audience applause at end.

Striptease Revealed 2

Red-head Tempest Storm in exotic formal pink long dress with maching long gloves. Dancing with lots of twirls, she wiggles out of the dress down to a harem costume. Then down to very skimpy stuff. Silent with Music

They Wear No Clothes

Examination of people who make their living taking off their clothes. Nudism addressed as a "sociological problem". Exotic Dancer in nightclub. Model in art class stripping from fur coat. Advertising models. Foot and Hand Models. In the end a baby is shown with the narration "once you were a little nudist yourself!"

We Still Don't Believe It

Lay with flower in hair in a revealing garment selects a sword. She swallows it as part of her garment comes off to reveal her bra. She selects another, swallows it, and the bottom of her dress comes off. Silent with music.

Your Pin Up Girl

Ladies on Stage dancing to music. Then onto the single act with a closeup of beauty with elegant white dress twirling and spinning. She strips to a glittery skimpy garment, then takes offer her top, twirls some more.

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