Aeroplane Flight and Wreck 1910

Mr. Cody arrives by carriage, walks to a barn, and slides open the doors to reveal a large biplane. He pulls it out of the hanger. One man checks the engine while another starts the propeller. Four men push the plane into position for taxi and take-off. Cody takes his seat and puts on heavy leather gloves. Then, the long take-off begins as Cody steers the plane through a relatively flat, grassy field. It lifts for a brief flight and then falls to earth. One man walks Cody back toward the barn while the plane's builders inspect the extensive damage.

Movietone Newsreel: Dirigible Hindenburg ca. 1941

Dirigible Hindenburg Explodes, 50 Killed. Unbelievable recording of a giant blimp of flamable hydrogen exploding and crashing into a crowd of people. Shot of Blimp floating over Manhattan. Shots of actual explosion and the aftermath of firefighters and chaos.

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